Often when Gutterco is called out to an apparent gutter problem it’s not always just gutter related. Sometimes the gutter overflow issues stem from clogged drain pipes. Gutterco is able to detect if the drains are completely clogged so the owner can decide to clean them out or have them replaced. We have found if the underground pipes are completely clogged they are typically beyond cleaning and should be replaced.

Digging TrenchPreparing Trench

When water from the roof and gutters back up underground it overflows out of the downspout to drain pipe connection and even rises up the downspouts causing the gutters to overflow saturating the ground. This causes the water to infiltrate into your home. Water around your home is very bad for the basement walls and foundation. This will result in a wet basement and major water problems. Making sure all downspout drains are open will reduce water problems that lead to wet basements bowed walls mold and structural damage.

Preparing TrenchConnecting Downspout

Water is the biggest enemy to your foundation. Water that saturates the foundation promotes settling, termites, landscape damage, mildew, mold and pressure on the foundation walls. Water that gets through basement walls from poorly sloped gutters, clogged gutters, clogged downspouts or clogged underground drains will ultimately cause major damage to your home including unhealthy mold issues. By stopping this infiltration you will be protecting your home and your health.


Cities Served:  For Gutter Replacement Columbus and surrounding areas. Gutter Cleaning and other services are more limited to mostly North of I-70.